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Available on August 25th
Drama Comedy - PG-13 - 105 min.

A celebrated military contractor returns to the site of his greatest career triumphs and reconnects with a long-ago love while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watch-dog assigned to him.
Big Game
Available on August 25th
Cheesy Action - PG-13 - 110 min.

A young teenager camping in the woods helps rescue the President of the United States when Air Force One is shot down near his campsite. Campy kid fun.
Available on August 25th
Documentary - R - 114 min.

A documentarian and a reporter travel to Hong Kong for the first of many meetings with Edward Snowden.
The Good Wife: Season 6
Available on August 25th
Crime Drama - TV-14 - 60 min.

Alicia has been a good wife to her husband, a former state's attorney. After a very humiliating sex and corruption scandal, he is behind bars. She must now provide for her family and returns to work as a litigator in a law firm.
Available on August 25th
Documentary Biography - PG-13 - 80 min.

A documentary about fashion icon Iris Apfel from legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles.
The Runner
Available on August 25th
Drama - R - 90 min.

In the aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill, an idealistic but flawed politician is forced to confront his dysfunctional life after his career is destroyed in a sex scandal.
Two Days, One Night
Available on August 25th
French Drama - PG-13 - 95 min.

Sandra, a young Belgian mother, discovers that her workmates have opted for a significant pay bonus, in exchange for her dismissal. She has only one weekend to convince her colleagues to give up their bonuses so that she can keep her job.
The Walking Dead: Season 5
Available on August 25th
Drama Horror - TV-14 - 44 min.

Sheriff's Deputy Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.
Available on August 18th
Thriller - R - 112 min.

A family finds their dull life in a rural outback town rocked after their two teenage children disappear into the desert, sparking disturbing rumors of their past.
Little Boy
Available on August 18th
Dramatic Comedy - PG-13 - 106 min.

An eight-year-old boy is willing to do whatever it takes to end World War II so he can bring his father home. The story reveals the indescribable love a father has for his little boy and the love a son has for his father.
Lambert & Stamp
Available on August 18th
Documentary - R - 117 min.

A documentary that reveals how the unlikely partnership between aspiring filmmakers Christopher Stamp and Kit Lambert produced one of the greatest rock bands in history: The Who.
5 to 7
Available on August 18th
Romantic Comedy - R - 95 min.

An aspiring novelist enters into a relationship with a woman, though there's just one catch: She's married, and the couple can only meet between the hours of 5 and 7 each evening.
Hot Pursuit
Available on August 11th
Action Comedy - PG-13 - 87 min.

An uptight and by-the-book cop tries to protect the outgoing widow of a drug boss as they race through Texas pursued by crooked cops and murderous gunmen.
Available on August 11th
Horror - R - 83 min.

A group of online chat room friends find themselves haunted by a mysterious, supernatural force using the account of their dead friend.
The Knick
Available on August 11th
Period Drama - TV-MA - 58 min.

A look at the professional and personal lives of the staff at New York's Knickerbocker Hospital during the early part of the twentieth century.
Adult Beginners
Available on August 4th
Comedy - R - 92 min.

A young, narcissistic entrepreneur crashes and burns on the eve of his company's big launch. With his entire life in total disarray, he leaves Manhattan to move in with his estranged pregnant sister, brother-in-law and 3-year-old nephew in the suburbs - only to become their nanny.
The Affair
Available on August 4th
Drama - TV-MA - 60 min.

The psychological effects of an affair between a married waitress at a Hamptons diner and a teacher who spends his summer at his in-laws' estate on the island.
Barely Lethal
Available on August 4th
Action Comedy - PG-13 - 96 min.

A teenage special ops agent coveting a "normal" adolescence fakes her own death and enrolls in a suburban high school. She quickly learns that surviving the treacherous waters of high school is more challenging than international espionage.
The Casual Vacancy
Available on August 4th
Crime Drama - TV-MA - 180 min.

The citizens of the small British town of Pagford fight for the spot on the parish council after Barry Fairbrother dies.
Child 44
Available on August 4th
Thriller - R - 137 min.

A disgraced member of the military police investigates a series of nasty child murders during the Stalin-era Soviet Union.

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